Friday, April 23, 2010

Houstons - North Dallas - Consistently Incosistent...?

Rating: 82/100

Why the high score but the unflattering comment in the title?...

Well, the food is pretty darn good.  The service is what is so inconsistent.  The place is slightly franchisesque.  Because of that you get sophmoric management.  Which always leads to a young, inexperienced wait staff mixed in with a few good waiters.  So, you never know what kind of attitude you will get.  There will be a day when their business will slow and they will be in a panic to find out how to turn it around.  Until then, just live with the under managed place with good food.  If they could just hire people who can sense the appropriate, they would fix half the problems with the service.

Bravo to the kitchen and booo to the front of the house...

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