Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twisted Root Burger Co. - Roanoke, TX - Not Just Another Burger Shop

RATING 83/100

Twisted Root Burger Company offers up a pretty good burger.  The menu is slightly complicated, but no matter what you end up with, you will probably enjoy it.  The shakes and malts are good as well.  The ordering area will confuse you and trying to fill your drink cup is an art in this place.  Not sure this place is worthy of all the hype.  A flash on the Food Network will do wonders for a place.  Time will tell...   I will say this.  The prices are way out of whack!  I think everything is an extra.  So, just when you thought you were about to pay 8 bucks for a burger (which made you feel guilty)... it will ring up at $10.50!  What happened?!  Well, the jalapenos where extra... oh yeah... the cheese you selected is $1 more than the other cheeses that come with the cheeseburger... huh???

Well, if you have a spare $11 or so, go try it.

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